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Spick & Span Quality Cleaning Services

Serving the New York Area Since 1985

We believe in giving your home or business a sparkling clean luster from top to bottom.  We want you to feel refreshed and alive in your space after we've done our work.  It’s what we like to call European Style Cleaning.      

     We take note of every surface in a room and move around in one direction to remove the dust and dirt that has collected there. We take special care to pick up and clean under everything that is on a shelf or table, and when we do this – we treat your possessions with important care—because we know you do the same.  Also, we gladly welcome any special cleaning instructions regarding any rooms, surfaces or items that you feel need unique attention. If it's important to you, it's important to us.

      We always use microfiber-cleaning cloths because we have found them to work most effectively and efficiently, without a chance of damaging furniture and countertops. Microfiber gives our maids a commanding feel of every surface to make sure all that is left behind is a  brilliant shine.  Our European Style Cleaning is very systematic and well…Complete!

     At MaidMiracle – CleaningComplete, cleaning your space is not just a job to quickly finish. For us, giving your space the sparkle it deserves is a passion built on 25 years of service to New York City. You live and work in the Worlds Greatest City, and you deserve a great and sparkling space to comfortably call your own. We believe that giving you a fresh and clean home or business is the first step in giving you a little more peace of mind. 



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